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About Us

We want to use artificial intelligence as a technology to make a better life in our daily lives.
We will try to contribute to creating the world where everyone can live safely and well by watching it using various data in multimodal form.


Pleiony has been working on building and applying appropriate artificial intelligence models to solve various field problems, not just statistical analysis of big data by industry.


  • Selection as a supply company for the Kdata 2023 Data Voucher Support Project
  • Participation in the SFAW 2023 Exhibition
  • Participation in Samsung Electronics VIP Center Core Technology Exhibition
  • Selected for the NIPA 2023 AI Voucher Project
  • Selected for the NIPA Intelligent IoT Application Dissemination Project


  • Development of a Fault Detection Machine Vision Solution DeepMV
  • Development of tool wear prediction solution
  • Supply of Wisecore tool wear prediction solution
  • Development of Coretrust Inc. Broadcast Quality Assessment Solution
  • Development of Deep Learning Model for Intelligent CCTV Construction
  • DAC Inc. Tent Pole Defect Inspection Solution Supply Contract


  • Development of Remote Initial Fire Detection Deep Learning Model
  • Order for Road Environment Maintenance System R&D Project for LH Construction
  • Development of Deep Learning Model for Video Quality Assessment
  • Feasibility Study for Glotech, Inc. Optical Sheet Surface Defects
  • Certification of venture companies
  • Feasibility Study for SM Steel Co., Ltd. Stainless Steel Surface Defects
  • Development of a bad prediction deep learning model


  • Selection of NIPA AI Computing Support Business
  • Development of TCP-based online voice recognition module
  • STX Engine Radar Tracking Deep Learning Technology Consulting
  • Development of Non-GPU Object Detection Model
  • NIPA AI voucher business


  • Establishment of Pleiony, Inc.


Join Our Team

Pleiony is hiring from time to time and is looking for passionate people to grow together.

Our Benefits

Those who lack deep learning skills can also apply. For new employees in this case, we run an employee training program for about three months internally. Under the assumption that we have minimal underlying knowledge, we will discuss and select projects that need to be focused on in the shortest period of time, and provide continuous coaching until results are obtained. Although it is a small-scale startup, it has an efficient work system by sharing the management system of existing affiliates.

Recruitment Process

document screening → a face-to-face/non-face → interview the final pass

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us.
We offer a variety of benefits that only Pleiony partners can enjoy.
We hope you will enjoy the benefits of Pleiony’s unique and diverse product information and AI solutions, and we will continue to strive for the growth of our customers’ business.


3F New Bldg. Kolon Sporex, 32 Seochodaero 70-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul Korea