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Providing AI solutions based on the latest artificial intelligence model analysis technologies and methodologies

Current AI applications remain at the primary level of technology utilization.
Pleiony is developing AI solutions to solve more complex problems based on various model structures and learning methodologies,
applying machine learning and deep learning models in combination.

AI Manufacturing

Building an artificial intelligence model to enhance productivity based on various data from the manufacturing process.


DeepMV (Deep learning machine vision) solution for real-time detection of various types of product appearance defects during production and automatically classifying the types of defects


DeepDP (Deep learning based defect prediction) solution based on deep learning model to predict product defects in advance using process setting values and environmental factor data


DeepTHM (Deep learning based tool health management) solution for real-time monitoring for accurate wear and tear of working tools


Deep FHM (Deep learning-based facility health management) solutions to support advanced Prognostics and Health Management technology-based maintenance strategies

AI Monitoring

We provide a deep learning model for determining latent abnormalities based on various forms of image data information, ranging from visible light including broadcast images to near-infrared regions.


Automatic real-time detection of on-site anomalies from this CCTV video


Automated solution that monitors broadcast channels, and evaluates and quantifies the video quality


Remote fire detection solution from the initial stage by detecting CO or CO2 gas