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AIM(AI Monitoring)-broadcast is an automated solution that monitors hundreds of broadcast channels simultaneously, and evaluates and quantifies the video quality of each channel without human intervention continuously.

Non-reference Videos Quality Assessment

In the case of broadcasting services, quality assessment should be performed using only the serviced video itself without comparison with the original content. AIM-broadcast is an automatic broadcast video quality assessment solution that can monitor and score video provided through a broadcast service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without human intervention.

Video Quality Assessment Ability Similar to Human

It is important to quantify the subjective feeling of video quality as perceived by general audience. This method of grading a person’s cognitive score is called subjective video quality assessment. The reason why this subjective assessment is important is that the video quality perceived by humans is not directly determined by the objective distortion of each video frame, but tends to be deformed by the characteristics of the frame and the relationship between the frames.

Possible to Immediately Respond to Any Possible Broadcast Quality Degradation

Control personnel can quickly and automatically recognize abnormalities in broadcast quality and generate an alarm so that they can take quick reaction. AIM-broadcast makes it easier to manage the video quality of the external program provider channel, where programs are produced externally and retransmitted in real time. Due to the nature of broadcasting, it supports a system that can immediately respond to broadcast accidents caused by deterioration of video quality by measuring and notifying changes in quality that change from moment to moment in real time. It also supports simultaneous monitoring of multiple channels.